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I’m very tired of people with roofs over their heads, clothes on their backs, food on their plates, internet, video-games, phones, and laptops bitching about how someone else is privileged just because they have a penis
1/8th of america is starving to death and you’d rather yell at a male for existing
that makes a lot of fucking sense


I’m very tired of people with roofs over their heads, clothes on their backs, food on their plates, internet, video-games, phones, and laptops bitching about how someone else is privileged just because they have a penis

1/8th of america is starving to death and you’d rather yell at a male for existing

that makes a lot of fucking sense

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It’s incredibly sad this had to be said at all but here you go SJWs. Here’s the truth.

My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.


I wouldn’t consider “wearing certain clothes” oppression. If it is, I need to have a few words with my boss…

"not being able to find your size in clothes in the store"

Are you fucking kidding me? Tell me this is a joke please. Someone please tell me this is all a prank

I’m so, so sorry.

Wow okay. So I guess since I am an abnormally tall, yet thin male and cannot find jeans in my size at stores and thus must order them custom made I’m so oppressed. Funny how I didn’t know that and just felt normal until someone presented this vary subjective point of view to me

People are idiots -.-

How tall are you??

-shorty who has to hem everything

I’m like 6 feet 4 inches-6 feet 5 inches still having growing pains too. I wear 38L 36W but I have to wear a belt

Aha I see. Related, the “what fits my boobs won’t fit the rest of me” problem

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have you ever stopped to think WHY people hate the movement so much? heyyy maybe its because youre being an asshole

white cis straight men literally have the most power in the whole world. this is not okay, but to change it, youll have to convince them. no important dude is gonna listen to a bunch of raging teenagers who spout out bullshit like “kill all white people” or “kill all men”. 

its like youre trying to become the teachers pet by not doing your homework ITS NOT GONNA WORK

so yes please stop being raging 2-year-olds and start being intelligent angry adults 

This is long.  If you don’t want to read a rant, then scroll past.  I try to be generally agreeable, so I doubt you’ll be offended, but if you just don’t want to read it, carry on.

Generally I never really post about anything like this and I wholly apologize for even bringing this up, but this was too good to pass up and I wanted to re-iterate.

There is nothing wrong with being a feminist.  There are a lot of problems facing women in the world today that need to be addressed. 

Hell, if you want to go full on tumblr for a minute, there are lots of problems facing persons of color, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, people of non-straight orientations, and people of non-cisgendered alignments.  These problems are different in many cases, but they all need to be addressed.

However, in order to properly address them, there are a few things that some of you people are going to have to learn.


Learn some courtesy.

Learn some tact.

And most of all, learn not to be an asshole.

Remember, if you’re going to get a point across to someone, insulting them is the very LAST thing you’re going to want to do.  A lot of the people on tumblr aren’t your 50-something senators who are stuck in their ways and aren’t going to listen to a damn word you say.  They’re young people, malleable and willing to listen if you’re willing to be level-headed about things.

One, you shouldn’t hate anyone based upon their phenotype.  (That’s their physical appearance, or a less correct term would be “race”.)  Nor should you hate anyone based on where they come from.

It isn’t cute to piss on white people or Americans any more than it’s cute to piss on black people, or middle-easterners, or Chinese people, or Eskimos, or anyone physically and ethnically unique.

I can’t tell you how many otherwise decent arguments I’ve seen have been sullied or rendered useless by someone throwing in the “stupid American” or “fucking white people” card.  As a white American-born person, guess what?  You have just completely nullified your entire argument to me because obviously you don’t give a shit about me in your world view.  If you don’t care about me, or you’re anti-me, then why should I care about what you think?

I like to learn about other cultures.  About other ethnicity and clothing and celebrations and holidays and the like.  I enjoy it.  I try to respect people regardless of what color they may be, because people are people.  If you can’t do that?  Then why the hell would anyone respect you?

Next…  Man, woman, person.  Wherever you feel the need to put yourself in there, we are ALL people.  At the root, at the base.  Treat everyone with courtesy and respect, as human beings.

If you treat men like unintelligent, self-controless animals…
If you treat women like pieces of meat to be oogled, or not ones to be taken serious…
If you treat trans-persons like they don’t belong in your world view and they they can’t be who they want to be…
Then you have a fucking problem.  You are the one who lacks respect.  And if you can’t give it, then you aren’t going to get it.  Respect women, respect men, and respect people, regardless of their shape.

As far as orientation goes… you are what you are.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out, sometimes you go through a bunch of different places before you find where you fit in, and sometimes you can move around to where you feel comfortable at the moment.  But the bottom line is that it’s not something you can control.  So why would you berate straight people over their sexuality?  Why would you berate homosexuals?  Or bisexuals, or asexuals and pansexuals?  I’m sure there are bunch of other orientations I don’t even know of.  I’m not that well educated on the matter, and believe me, I try.  But a lot of people don’t try, and what’s worse is that a lot of people don’t like to educate.  They like to berate you for not magically knowing about every detail.

And don’t tell me it’s “not your job to educate people” because if you don’t then who will?  Answer me that.

If someone doesn’t want to listen, it’s their stupidity and their fault.  But if someone is ignorant, then they just don’t know and you can’t fault them for that.

And what about cis- vs. trans-.  I mean… where does that get you exactly? 

Cis-person, how exactly do trans-people hurt anyone?  Is your discomfort with them really that important?  Are they disgusting just because they ended up in the wrong body?  Hey, they’re people, just like you.

And what about cis-people, trans-person?  They don’t have that struggle that you do, does that make them any less human?  Is someone who’s comfortable with themselves disgusting?   Are you jealous that they have that going for them?  Is that wrong?  They’re people, just like you.

I see people talk about “cis-feelings” being held over “trans-lives” as if you could somehow compare the two in our culture.  If you’re a cis-person, you should care about trans-people because they’re people.  And if you’re a trans-person you should care about cis-people’s feelings because they’re people.

All of this is a social contract and unless everyone at least cares a little about others’ feelings and lives, then you’re not really going to get anywhere.  You’re just going to be miserable and alone, or you’re going to be a menace and either die or go to jail.  That’s what happens when you don’t truly give a fuck about others.  Not this “oh, I don’t give a fuck” stuff.  No, I mean, when you really don’t care about others.

If you can really hate someone for something they can’t control.  Their color, where they were born, what gender they are, what sex they are, what their orientation is…  Then you’re a fucking asshole. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, brown, male, female, neither, both, transitioning, gay, straight, bi, queer, asex, whatever!

And it doesn’t matter what THEY are, either!  Are you really going to justify that you hate someone because you’re black and they’re white?  Because you’re gay and they’re straight?  Because you’re American and they’re Iranian?  Because they have to work to feel natural in their bodies, and you didn’t?

What the hell?  Don’t you people know how to get along?  Don’t you know how to act?

I guarantee you wouldn’t say this shit to each other in person.  Because you can’t.  Because, you have social contracts.

But if that’s what you really want to say, then is that a good thing?  I mean…  If that’s what you say when no one’s watching, then obviously something’s wrong.

So we need to care about each other’s feelings.  And we need to get the people… the majority, whatever they are wherever they you are, to raise the standard of their social contracts.  And you do that by talking like a civilized human being to people your age. 

Talk to them about racism, but don’t make them feel bad about their race.  Don’t tell them what you hate about yours.  Tell them what you love about yours.  Tell them what you love about them.  Exchange jokes.  Talk about holidays, and clothing, and what you do where you come from when everyone’s bored and nothing’s on the television.  Tell them about what you did when you didn’t even have a television.

Talk to them about sexuality and sexism.  Tell them what it’s like to be a woman.  What it’s like to be a man.  Don’t tell them what it’s supposed to be like. Tell them what it’s really like.  Tell them about the pressures you have to go to work, get married young, be expendable, to please everyone, and go go go.  Listen to them about how hard it is to look good, how you have to get married or it’s the end of the world, how people don’t take you seriously and you have to work twice as hard as the next guy to get noticed.  Tell them how scared you are to walk home at night because you’re afraid of the guys on the corner that hang out there every night and watch you pass.  Listen about how they’re pressured because they’re small and they’ve never been big or muscular and they’re expected to do something about their drunken neighbor every goddamn Friday night.  Talk to them about make-up, and high heels, and cologne, and football.  And how you wanted to catch bugs when you were a kid, or how you liked playing with dolls, or how everything was blue and pink and all they wanted to do was wear yellow.

Tell them about not being able to date that girl that you wanted to date because it was an all-girl school.  Listen to them about watching the other boys change in the locker room.  About people talking after you broke up with your girlfriend and got a boyfriend.  About not caring one way or another, and having to tell your family that you’re fine, you’re just not interested.

Talk to them about body comfort.  Talk to them about the way you look and the way you feel, and how they don’t jive.  Talk to them about how they do jive!  Tell them how you’re proud of yourself!  Tell them how you’re so proud of how you look now compared to how you looked before.  Listen to them about how they want to look.  About the kind of clothes they wear.  The fashions they like.  About how hard it is to find plus-sized clothing.  About how being skinny makes them look sick, but they can’t help it.  Talk to them about wanting to have nice hips, and breasts, having to shave every other day and how annoying it is.

Talk about their wheel-chair.  Talk about your bad-teeth, and how you’re tired all the time.  Talk about your having a respirator and not being able to make it up a flight of stairs without it.  Talk about how it’s hard for them to concentrate, and how they see things out of the corner of their eyes, but the doctor says it’s not really a monster… just a chemical imbalance.  Talk about health, mental and physical.  Talk about being disabled, and about not.  Talk about helping your crippled father.  Talk about their son with special needs.


Stop yelling. 

Listen to each other.


You people are the lawmakers and voters and business owners and educators of tomorrow!  Those of you who haven’t already gotten on your way will someday and you need to learn to listen to each other.  Because those people in the seats don’t give a goddamn anymore.  But you do, and if you’re in those seats some day, we need you to give a damn.

I’ll let you all know, I’m a white, straight, (mostly)cis-gendered American man.  If that makes my words any less to you, then you really need to think long and hard about why that is.  I’m sorry if it does, but that’s not my problem.  Those are all things that I didn’t ask for and that I can’t change.  Some of them I’d change in a heartbeat, but I am not going to feel bad about any of that.

I don’t expect you to feel bad for what you are.  Any of you.  I’m not asking for that.  That doesn’t diminish your words to me.  Because you didn’t ask for it.  It doesn’t make you bad or less or wrong in any way.  Just different.  We’re all just… different.  So be civil, and talk to each other.  Because those comic people up there, they aren’t talking to each other.  They’re talking at each other.  And it’s a wonder there’s no communication.  The person’s blue shirt could say anything, and it would be the same.

Every white-supremacist, every fem-nazi, every homophobe, every heterophobe, every cis-hater and transphobe… they’re all fucking assholes, that are too concerned with voicing their opinions.  They make everyone else that shares anything with them look bad.

Don’t be that person.  Be civil.  Grow up.  Think before you speak and act like a reasonable human being.  That’s what you are, right?

I’m done, but if you got this far, thanks for listening.

You’ve made one mistake- Men are not people.  Neither are whites.  I am a proud misandrist and treating everyone equally is the antithesis to justice.

You didn’t even have to say you were a white dude.  It was pretty obvious by your “love everyone equally” bullshit and unmistakable white tearz.

Stop trying to put POC in “our place”.  White people are not allowed to argue with POC if they have not experienced racism themselves (and by the way, it’s impossible for white people to experience racism anyway, so there).  Same with men getting involved with feminist issues.  Educate yourself.

Irish Catholics.

ErasingPrivilege, please, PLEASE study history. It would REALLY help your arguments.

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no bro

you really don’t

not at fucking



It appears absolutely no one realizes this character (assuming this story takes places during the time in which it was filmed) grew up during The Troubles of Northern Ireland.

You don’t if he’s Northern Irish. You don’t know if he’s Catholic. You don’t know if he grew up watching his people get murdered by Loyalist Protestants and British soldiers who carried heavy racial prejudice against Irish Catholics (hellooo, Bloody Sunday anyone?), who had for centuries been characterized as barbaric, racially inferior, lowly people who needed to be wiped out or converted. Attacks by the IRA, and therefore retaliation by the British, didn’t completely cease until 1998, I believe? This film came out in 2002.

You don’t know if he was an Irishman who grew up in England. Bomb attacks carried out by the IRA in England kindled misplaced aggression toward innocent Irish civilians living among the English population and Irish people were verbally and physically attacked and their businesses targeted. Perhaps similar to how ordinary Muslims bear the brunt of aggression after attacks by Muslim extremists…

You can still find yourself threatened and demeaned if you’re a Catholic in Northern Ireland or if you’re a Protestant in Ireland and some older dude in a pub in a smaller town straight up asks you if you’re Catholic or not and you’re afraid what’ll happen if you don’t lie about who you are.

You can still hear casual racism toward Irish people in everyday life and in publicly broadcast media in the UK.

You can still see and hear “Kill All Irish” and other pretty heavy anti-Irish sentiment among Loyalists in Northern Ireland who don’t consider themselves Irish at all.

Just because it now appears that the island of Ireland has been allowed to move on from war and their appearance and culture generally allows them to blend into and reap the benefits of the White European demographic doesn’t mean that this character does not have the background suitable to fully empathize with her. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, we just don’t know his story.

But I guess you’ve never been demeaned as a Paddy or a Taig so you wouldn’t understand what it feels like, would you?

don’t worry dude it’s tumblr the mentality here is basically “if you’re lighter than a coconut you’re not allowed to have any feelings and your life is automatically perfect but that’s not racist at all bc your skin is lighter than someone else’s and that means it’s ok”


not enough upward pointies in the world

plot twist: being Irish actually sucks, seriously

I normally don’t comment on posts like these but the ignorance of this makes me so fucking angry because absolutely no one in the world seems to give a shit about the Irish because we all just seem to be so happy and drunk all the time. Because they’re white, right? So obviously they have no idea what hardship means.

*bursts in* *breathes heavily* Did someone mention the Northern Irish Troubles

First of all, pretty much yes to everything about Ireland up there. Growing up in Northern Ireland, I saw the violence from all sides - my father is a British Protestant and my mother is a Catholic, so I basically couldn’t win because according to one side I was a dirty taig and according to the other I was a filthy hun. Luckily I managed to make friends with a mix of both Catholics and Protestants who all thought this attitude was just as stupid as I did, but between all of us, we saw our fair share of sectarian violence, and the Catholics, without a doubt, got it worse.

Irish Catholics were robbed of their country by Protestant invaders centuries ago. They fought and fought and eventually got the Irish Free State (now the Republic of Ireland), however, thanks to the deliberate plantation of Protestants to eradicate the Catholic majority in the North, it was left under British rule. Since then, Catholics have been murdered, arrested, terrorised, tortured and driven out of their houses just for being Irish Catholics. 

I moved from Northern Ireland in 2010 and to the day I left, the violence was not over. I couldn’t wear certain colours in certain areas because I would be beaten. I had fake names depending on where I was stopped, as attackers can determine what religion you are from your name alone (and this is a trick I learned, too, for defence). I can recite my rights if I’m arrested because if I was stopped in certain areas I could be, on the assumption I could be Catholic. I know the subtle sectarian geography of the city of Belfast because if I cross the road in the wrong place I’m in enemy territory. I have been chased by a group of forty people, throwing fireworks at me, because they assumed I was a Catholic. Police were parked on nearby streets and didn’t acknowledge the commotion. My friends and I walk past graffiti screamed “Kill All Taigs”. A fifteen year old boy who lived half an hour from me was beaten to death by a group of adults for being Catholic. For fifty years, people have been detained without trial, tortured, beaten and wrongly imprisoned just for being Catholic, because apparently, being Catholic means you must be in the IRA. 

Even now, I can’t escape it. I have a noticeable Northern Irish accent, which is stronger when I’m around people from there and is noticeable as a strong accent whenever I’m not in the country. At airports, I’m always the one stopped and frisked if they hear my accent. At ferry ports, it’s alway my car (which has Northern Irish registration plates) that’s “randomly selected” for a search. All of this just happened to me, a person who got off lightly.

If you think that Irish people haven’t faced oppression and abuse, you’re wrong. If you think that Northern Ireland is past its troubles, you’re wrong. It sickens me that this happens only a few hundred miles away from England and no one acknowledges it exists, because hey, they’re just some terrorist Catholics, right?

Contrary to popular belief, racism isn’t America centric. Just ask the Serbians and Croatians.


This.  Also, for us Italians, Sicily: most of the Italian side of my family traces their roots to poor fishermen and the like there up until just before the World Wars.  For the past thousand years or so, when we haven’t been under imperialist rule by Rome, the Muslim empires, or Spain, we usually lived in fear of our own countrymen in the Mafia, which is still quietly in control of much of the region’s economy and politics today.

Yeah. It’s long. Doesn’t mean Tumblr doesn’t need to see it. Also:




So Irish people were often treated with the same disdain as blacks. You’re the worst kind of person if this post can’t teach you that white =/= privileged.

Hey tumblr this is a good fuckin read you wanna know why? My dad came to America at 19 to escape this all. Yeeeep. It’s not played up at all and its really that bad. I really hate to be like this because Irish oppression is not nearly as common in the US but yeah

"If you’re white you can’t experience racism!"

The former Yugoslavia would like to have a word with you.

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